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Monkey Business Dog Training Montreal
Monkey Business Dog Training Montreal

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Monkey Business Dog training testimonials


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Monkey Business Dog training testimonials
Samantha is such a patient person she gets the best out of the dogs and owner! This is a MUST for you and your loved 4 legged family member!!!! Samantha also does private classes! She is instrumental in creating a great relationship with you and your dog!!!!
Monica Sourour
I’ve done classes with Sam many times over the years with various [foster] puppies. Her skills and expertises make dog training successful and fun.

I recently learned I can purchase my dog & cat’s food through Monkey Business too! I have inquired about various pet products as well, they are very responsive and punctual.
Kaitlyn Ladd
I’m taking the brain games class with my one year old dog. SO MUCH FUN!!! She had lost interest in training but this class has changed all that she loves learning the new tricks and is having fun doing it. She is also dog reactive so these virtual classes are brilliant and really allow her to get the most from the class.
Maria Ses
I am not sure that I can adequately express how helpful these trainers and classes were. I did the beginner and intermediate classes with a large, very highly excitable puppy. This was also the first time that I trained a puppy.

They were so awesome! They were patient and guided us through the process. Though my puppy did not always cooperate, they were always positive and cheering us on. It has made life with our puppy so enjoyable! I would definitely recommend!
Julie Boisvenue
The family and I enjoyed the class. It was a good experience. Learned some new tricks and technics that are very useful everyday ! Great knowledgeable teacher. Overall a great experience. And I would recommend this class
Marie-Josée Rousselle
They were great with the pups. Very knowledgeable. We learned a lot.
Suzanne Jollimore
Great fun while learning useful tricks. it works. Deb and Sam are patient, fun and are knowledgeable.

I loved their friendly approach with dogs. no screaming, no pulling of leash. although it was a group class there was also some individual attention. compare to previous training with other dogs, definitely best training!!
Louise St-Denis
Amazing people and awesome training. Love them.
Kathleen Brushett-Snow
We were dog sitting a friend's dog last summer and were in awe of how well trained he was. While he was with us, we got the call from Animatch that we'd been matched with our first-ever family dog. We decided before we even met our dog that we'd go for training wherever our houseguest had been!

Luckily for us, that was Monkey Business. We have now taken the basic and intermediate obedience classes and feel confident we have the tools and knowledge to help our dog learn to do just about anything. We are very grateful for Sam's support as we got to know our dog and helped her to become more confident, playful and bonded to us.
Sheila Dunwoodie
Sam and Debbie are amazing! I've done classes with both of my dogs, and they both learn so differently. they were able to trouble shoot for me and help me assist my training style between each dog, now i have 2 incredible, obedient, excited to learn pups!
KayJei Mont-D'Or
I was so fortunate to learn about Monkey Business through neighbors of ours who too had a young pup to train. We have a beautiful male German Shepard named Bentley for which I knew I was not going to allow any negative and fearful methods of training to be endured on him. It took one class to know that was not for me, not for our Bentley.

Monkey Business gave me hope and what I was looking for...a positive training method which we love! Bentley trusts us and does not fear us, thanks to Monkey Business! There is difference and very important to understand. Bentley is a super happy, friendly and playful pup and loves our classes with Monkey Business. I have done the Beginners, Basic Obedience and now enrolled in Brain Games with them and will continue on to Intermediate classes when offered. There method works, you just have to do your work which is practise!

They provide us with specific solutions for problems we may be having with our dog at the end of the class where your classmates get to learn from too. I am comforted and am sure that if I am having any issues with my pup in terms of behaviour I know I can ask Monkey Business in helping me solve the problem. They are a tremendous support. If you have a puppy you know how stressful the first year is and if not done right could have life long behavioural problems.
Naz Hussain
Our young Arya has been learning so much with the training given here!!
Nathalie Messier

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong”

- Unknown